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Complete press kit with all assets on Google Drive:

General information

  • Developer: Mario Jacob
  • Contact email:
  • Developer location: In the beautiful mountains of Tyrol, Austria
  • Team size: Solo developer. Because why not?
  • Platforms: Steam Windows
  • Game modes: Single player
  • Genre: Danmaku, Action, Rogue-Lite, 2d
  • Languages: English, German
  • Release date: November 15, 2023
  • Price: $4.99, €4.99

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Hell Grinder is an intense 2D action rogue-lite game in which you have to fight your way
through hell. You will face off against masses of demons as you work your way down level by

Key features

  • Fight your way through numerous levels of hell and discover deeper and deeper areas
  • Choose from a variety of characters, each with unique abilities and weapons
  • Unlock new characters with special abilities and weapons as you play
  • Collect demon souls during a run to unlock permanent abilities and weapons
  • Defeat powerful bosses to delve deeper into Hell
  • Playable with controller or mouse and keyboard