Astrosphere (Early Access)

Astrosphere Titelbild

In Astrosphere, a sci-fi strategy adventure game, you explore mysterious star systems and expand your space station. Collect resources and navigate unexplored galaxies as you survive on your interstellar adventure.

In Astrosphere, a profound sci-fi space adventure, you start as the commander of your own space station, ready to explore and conquer the unknown universe. This game combines captivating exploration, strategic shipbuilding, and dynamic combat experiences in an atmospherically dense galaxy.


  • Individual Space Station: Start with your own station, which you can expand and improve to make it a center of your interstellar activities.
  • Innovative Ship Building: Create and personalize spacecraft that not only impress visually but are also versatile in their functions.
  • Exploration and Discovery: Each journey brings new star systems, mysterious planets, and unexpected events that make your adventure unique.
  • Dynamic Top-Down View: Control your spacecraft in a detailed top-down perspective that offers both an overview and intense combat experiences.
  • Diverse Challenges: Face pirates and master unexpected encounters. Your tactical skills are needed to survive in the vastness of space.
  • Sophisticated Reward System: Experience a profound progress and reward system that ensures long-lasting motivation.

Early Access

I see immense potential in “Astrosphere” that I have not yet fully realized. By entering Early Access, I aim to gather direct feedback from players to elevate the game and create an outstanding gaming experience. Your input will be crucial in polishing the mechanics and enhancing the overall gameplay.

I plan to keep “Astrosphere” in Early Access for approximately 6 months. However, this timeframe may extend based on player feedback and necessary adjustments. My goal is to deliver a high-quality and fully optimized game within this period.

The primary communication tool will be my Discord server. There, the community can actively participate, and I will document the game’s development. You can provide feedback, make suggestions, and report bugs directly on the Discord server. Additionally, I will post regular updates and conduct surveys to address your wishes and suggestions.

These measures aim to ensure that “Astrosphere” becomes an optimal gaming experience through your direct feedback.